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Welcome to JBI Studios

Voice Over, Dubbing & Foreign Language Multimedia Specialists


JBI Studios is a full-service audio, video and multimedia production house specializing in a variety of foreign languages. Based in Los Angeles, California, JBI Studios provides a range of services including voice overs, dubbing, subtitling, multilingual video production, and translated video editing work.


JBI Studios offers over 1,200 male and female foreign voices to choose from, in over 80 distinct languages.


Choose a language and listen to voice samples:


Afrikaans Croatian Indonesian Russian
American Czech Irish Connemara Samoan
Amharic Danish Italian Sinhalese
Ancient Greek Dari Japanese Slovak
Anime Dutch Javanese Slovene
Arabic English Kannada Somali
Argentinian Spanish English Australian
Kazakh Spanish
Armenian English Canadian Khmer Sri Lanka Tamil
Austrian German English Accented
Koine Greek Swahili
Azerbaijani English UK Korean Swedish
Azeri English US Laotian Tagalog
Bahasa Indonesia Estonian Latin American Taiwanese Mandarin
Bahasa Malaysia Farsi Latvian Taiwanese
Belgian French Finnish Lithuanian Tamil
Bengali Flemish Malayalam Telugu
Biblical Hebrew French Mandarin Chinese Thai
Bosnian Georgian Marathi Turkish
Brazilian Portuguese German Min Ukrainian
Bulgarian Greek Mongolian Urdu
Cambodian Gujarati Norwegian Uzbek
Canadian French Haitian Creole Pashto Vietnamese
Castilian Hebrew Polish Wu
Catalan Hindi Portuguese Xhosa
Chichewa Hmong Puerto Rican Yiddish
Chinese Hungarian Punjabi Zulu
Chinese Cantonese Icelandic Quechua
Chinese Taiwanese India Tamil Romanian  


Extensive Experience


With over 10 years of dedicated experience, JBI Studios delivers results of the highest standards to our growing list of clientele. We provide two in-house recording studios and two video editing suites, as well as an in-house sound stage to develop our audio, video and multimedia content.


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If you are interested in learning more about the voice over, dubbing and audio/video translation services we offer please contact us at 818-592-0056 or request a quote today. One of our staff members will respond to your request as soon as possible.




(818) 592-0056

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